Monday, September 6, 2010


When I was younger, my parents would listen tolerantly to my dream stories and shake their heads incredulously at the crazy tales I would tell.

When I got older, I had a conversation with my mom about how when I was a kid, my parents thought I simply had an overactive imagination and made up all of my "dreams." As I became an adult and still I would tell her stories of the unusual and vivid dreams I had, she realized that the stories I told as a child weren't made up.

Now, at nearly 30, I still have vivid dreams and remember a great number of them. Just last night, I had one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had. It had to have been multiple dreams that have run together in my memory, but I swear nearly every person I know was involved one way or another. Most of the time my dreams are benign. Bizarre, but benign. Sometimes they are disturbing. But I'd rather remember as many of my dreams as possible than think that the little sleep I get is boring!

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  1. You should read a dream symbolization book for fun. I have one and its interesting trying to interpret dreams using animals or symbols. Kind of fun.